Methods for Extracting Alluvial Gold

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Since the earliest days of mining, men have successfully located mineral deposits by panning out "float" minerals uphill to their source. "Float" is the name given to fragments which have broken away from their mother lode and have been transported by gravity and weathering or water downhill or down-stream.

  • Sieves

    Robust, lightweight plastic and aluminum sieves are available in a range of sizes. Sieves are hands to screen out waste gravels above three-quarter of an inch and can cut panning time in half.

  • Puddling Tub

    Use the puddler when the wash dirt contains a lot of clay or when large amounts are to be treated, or if the dish method is too slow. The wash dirt is puddled into a solution and drained away.

  • Rocker Box Cradle

    A lightweight metal take-down cradle is now available which can be easily transported in the trunk of a car. At the top it has a lift out sieve for clearing away the large rocks. And a chute to keep the material at the back of the cradle, and then the bottom sluice has lift up riffles for easy access for cleaning. Mesh netting as well as grooved carpet is laid underneath the riffles to catch the fine gold. Two solid rockers are mounted underneath the sluice to create a good action, as well as a solid metal handle to start the movement.

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